Positive Solutions for Lasting Change


"Positivity, well-being at work, happiness, flourishing are just a few words to describe my intentions."

People who feel good at work are more engaged, perform better, are more loyal and are healthier, just to name a few advantages. Bottom line for any company is a better client service and less costs for the organization.

I believe that we improve most by doing more of what we do best. My attention to your strengths rather than my focus on your weaknesses is a hallmark of my coaching. I want teams and leaders to be more authentically who they are. And I want you to experience positive results quickly.

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"Different coaching methods can be used according to the circumstances."

I use extensively the Solution-Focus approach. There are tremendous advantages gained by focusing our thoughts, words and actions on results in which we, our teams, and our organizations flourish.

Many management approaches focus on problems in such a way that actually worsen the situation. The Solution-Focus, however, is designed to work elegantly and simply to guide us towards positive change. Solution-Focus works perfectly in different cultural settings, as well in Asia as in the Western world. Solution-Focus helps leaders and teams to rapidly focus on common goals, find alignment in behaviors, and motivate to new levels of team performance. It enables stuck leaders or teams to motivate towards desired futures and build momentum upon past positive contributions.

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"Coaching is a business tool used to develop high potential employees and to facilitate transition, growth, or change."

Coaching focuses on the future, fosters individual performance and helps executives discover their path. Future leaders will need regular coaching, because the business environment becomes more complex, and even more so in a context where different cultures meet.

Coaching of teams helps to motivate employees to reach for a common goal and to build their team spirit. For me, coaching is not about questioning and probing, but is all about respectfully reaching goals in a highly efficient way.

Solution-Focus works perfectly in different cultural settings, as well in Asia, in Africa as in the Western world.

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