Positive Solutions for Lasting Change

Dr. Renilde Vervoort

My approach to executive, workplace and personal coaching is a theoretically grounded and evidence-based methodology. Being a researcher myself, holding a Ph. D., I value research that can be applied to the current practice of coaching. Linking my coaching practice with existing, applicable bases of knowledge in science results in enhancing the results and effectiveness of my interventions.

This does not mean however, that my coaching style is theoretical or difficult to understand. I started my career in advertising and marketing. Communicating ideas in a clear and simple way is one of my strengths.

That is probably why I felt immediately attracted to Solution-Focus approach, a remarkably simple method that, in combination with evidence-based interventions, result in an effective and flexible model of coaching. I took extensive training and am a Certified Master SF Practitioner and SF Mediator.

Focusing on Positivity generates a wonderful flow of energy, enthusiasm and vitality. My coaching is a humanistic approach in combination with humor and respect.

I left Belgium, my homecountry, 22 years ago together with my husband who is working for a multinational company. We have a 15-year old daughter and currently reside in Dubai, UAE, our 8th country. We lived in South East Asia and Europe before.

Having lived in many countries results in a understanding and in an appreciation of the richness of cultures, which can help my clients who need to interact with other cultures. I can offer my services in different languages: English, French, Dutch, German and Italian.