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In our very successful first workshop with Renilde beginning 2014, we kicked-off 10 concrete projects across Nestlé in Central Africa. Renilde then helped to facilitate a second session mid-2014, where we evaluated and celebrated the results of the projects. She again was able to generate lots of positive energy and the sense of togetherness across the different departments and countries in the room. In the official worldwide Nestlé survey, conducted end 2014, measuring the Engagement and Enablement of the people, our countries showed huge participation at 96% and fantastic progress in the results versus the previous survey of 2012, on the key indicators like engagement, enablement and retention scores. I also appreciate that after the workshops Renilde stayed accessible and gave me continued and valuable support on how to improve the work environment and employee satisfaction.

Bruno Olierhoek – Managing Director – Nestlé Central Africa


Renilde facilitated a group of over 100, composed of people working in 3 different countries and consisting of 8 different nationalities. She was able to release lots of positive energy and reinforce our sense of togetherness. Especially the future state exercise was much appreciated and is indeed a very powerful tool. The whole team had fun and was very productive as we now have concrete action plans for 10 projects that the participants came up with themselves through the effective facilitation by Renilde.

Bruno Olierhoek – Managing Director – Nestlé Central Africa


I was not a great believer of coaching, perhaps because the professional coaches I was exposed to so far were all for show. I came into my meeting with Renilde a skeptic, but somehow hopeful. After five minutes with Renilde, my inner attitude changed. I had been contemplating on a career change. I even tried applying for jobs that were completely different from I what I was used to. I was hitting dead ends, experienced plenty of lip service and started feeling disheartened. I just didn’t know what to do, or where to go anymore. After a cup of espresso with Renilde, things became clearer for me. Renilde had an action plan almost immediately, something concrete and for me to work on. She plotted out my strengths and what I am passionate about. She helped me determine my next steps and identified what I needed to do. 

It’s a real pleasure to be coached by Renilde. She helped renew my self-confidence, and pretty much gave me a new lease on life. I am now working on how to move forward in reinventing myself. 

Thank you, Renilde, for being an inspiration. You are heaven-sent!

Freelance Creative Communications Professional, Philippines


J’ai particulièrement apprécié notre après-midi de travail d’Energy Management. J’ai trouvé votre approche de compréhension de tous les types d’énergie, très intéressante, en particulier, le fait de plus écouter notre rythme biologique, de faire des choses « évidentes » mais que nous avons tous tendance à oublier, forcé par une forme de pression ambiante. J’étais déjà, personnellement convaincue, de l’intérêt de décompresser; par exemple par la marche, ou les petites coupures, qui permettent de mieux repartir. Donc, je suis ravie de savoir que mes collègues sont plus sensibles à cette façon de faire, dorénavant. Quant au déroulé de la session, l’alternance entre les phases « pédagogiques », le travail de mise en commun et les décisions qui ont été prises, me semblent très adaptés pour amplifier l’esprit d’équipe. Egalement, le partage de livres/auteurs sur le sujet sont très utiles. En conclusion, retour très positif et, peut-être, à une prochaine fois.

Pascale Cadouot - Demand Event & Supply Planning Manager – Infant Nutrition - Nestlé France


Four months after the team coaching session with Renilde, a follow-up session showed that Renilde’s intervention had immediate and lasting results: our associates became more aware of the company goals, and how they personally contribute to those. People expressed to feel more connected to the business and the clients. This had a direct positive impact on morale and motivation. In the day to day operations this becomes clear as individuals and voluntary task forces took ownership of items that previously were only complained about. The realization that a positive attitude in our not-so-perfect environment makes a difference to our clients but also in our own daily lives, has generated a lot of energy. Everybody takes on an active role now, rather than passively waiting for ‘management’ to be directive and bring all the solutions (which it cannot).

Fred Tshidimba – CEO – Eastvantage – Philippines


Having Renilde with us was not only a valuable experience, but a great pleasure as well. Aside from professional and technical skills required for coaches, personal qualities of Renilde speak much in her favor: expressive and silent positive energy, calm, an excellent listener and observer, good solution-guide.

In November 2012, Renilde spent two productive days with Chameleon Philippines team. The areas in which we sought her assistance were HR related: one day session focused on boosting a team spirit (affected by the frequent staff turnover), while the other was on empowerment of supervisors. Throughout the team-building and team-coaching sessions, three things impressed me the most:


Thank you Renilde. Best of luck to you and to all the others whose path you cross!

Ivana Tošić – Luxembourg Cooperant – Chameleon Association Inc. – Philippines/France


I was having a conflict with a new co-worker. Our respective teams got affected and we were both entering meetings as if it were an arena where we needed to battle it out.

I asked Renilde what to do. She proposed to coach me. We had one-on-one sessions every week over Skype, while I was in Singapore and she in Paris. Despite the time difference, we were able to catch up regularly. The situation improved surprisingly quick, we needed only four-five sessions to solve the issue. I was also very impressed at Renilde’s ability to remember all the details of my stories (even if I do not see her writing anything while we talk) and how her objective perspective makes so much sense. She even gave me tools that helped me sort out my feelings and actually get to the bottom of things. I use her tools now with some of my team members.

Working with Renilde is such a joy, she makes you see things in a more constructive way and she doesn’t just “give you fish, she teaches you how to fish”. I understood what I needed to do at the office to solve the conflict. I also became more aware of what the other person I was having the conflict with was going through. Now we have a normal working relationship, we talk to each other in a constructive and open way, just as it should be between two team leaders.

If you need any form of coaching, individual or as a team, hook up with Renilde…it will surely be pleasurable and effective!

Regional Account Director – Saatchi & Saatchi – Singapore


We spent a lot of time searching for a results-driven program to develop our core team both individually and collectively.

Renilde’s approach allowed us to both build the team and monitor individual response to the program. Her coaching was accompanied by strategically important team tasks at work that could only be solved by all members contributing and sharing freely.

The result has exceeded the expectations of the entire team in all areas - and there was no shortage of skeptics at the beginning. Personal insights were gained, behaviors changed, individuals developed and the team became closer and much more results-driven in all areas.

Renilde is amazingly unflappable during delicate moments that automatically arise and she handles these situations masterfully. She seeks feedback and adapts to what works best and produces the desired outcome. She practices what she preaches!

Felix Fiechter - Target Display Co Inc. – Philippines


We had a great team coaching session with Renilde. She has succeeded in creating visual training aides which are specific and relevant, she facilitated the day in a way that allowed our associates to interact while building knowledge that can be applied to their individual roles. The coaching day was extremely beneficial to all. It created a conductive atmosphere to share the organization’s real goals and how to achieve them. More power to Positive Solution Coaching!

Fred Tshidimba – CEO – Eastvantage  - Philippines


I would like to personally thank Renilde for her wonderful help and coaching techniques. Her workshop with my staff brought a lot of motivation and positivity to our organization. The camaraderie in between all departments has increased since our last coaching session and everyone seems to realize that working as a team and getting along with others can lead to greater productivity. Thanks a million, dear Renilde, and à bientot.

Philippe Tordjman – CEO Le Salon at Sofitel Manila – Philippines


My first encounter with Renilde was in the Philippines, in 2009, when she proposed help on raising funds for Chameleon Association. A generous offer which she extended recently again, providing us with precious advice on how to coach the team in the Philippines. Her point of view, approach and suggestions entail gradual steps on how to solve the problem of fast personnel turnover while applying the ideas of positivity and SF coaching. We are very much willing to learn the techniques, hoping for the best results and further growth. After guiding us in France, Renilde will meet the team in the Philippines and facilitate a first-hand coaching session for them. Thank you Renilde for your help and your personal engagement by our side.

Laurence Ligier - Founder and Director Chameleon Association Inc. – Philippines/France


The training session with Dr. Renilde on the use of Positive Psychology in Coaching was very interesting and practical at the same time. It fine-tuned our practice on building and developing teams: we will now concentrate on honing the character, skills, attitude that each team member already has. Since no team member owns all attributes to make an efficient team, we will now spend most of our energy on encouraging each team member to concentrate on strengthening what he can do, and continuously work on this area on his/her action plans.

Jane S. Paez - HR Manager, Manly Plastics, Inc. – Philippines


Thank you so much for the great lecture on Positive Psychology in Coaching. It has highly inspired me to learn more about positive psychology and how I can apply it in my future as a coach or in my own life.

Sandra Rublee – Coach – Philippines 


We asked Renilde to do the impossible: a seminar with a group of reluctant / suspicious  teenage girls to help them be more aware of  themselves,  manage teenage stress by  keeping perspective on longer term goals and falling back on their strengths. Working with teenage girls can make working with adult professionals definitely look like a walk in the park. But Renilde handled the situation superbly – having a daughter of her own surely was great preparation. Will the girls use some of the tools they learned? Yes! – and that is ultimate barometer of success. They came away with more understanding of themselves and their friends.  A difficult mission accomplished!

Angeline S. Fiechter - Mother of a 16 year old teenager  - Philippines