Positive Solutions for Lasting Change

Positive Conflict Mediation

A conflict costs the organization a lot of money, time and energy. Maybe lawyers need to be consulted or even worse, the conflict escalates and will appear in court. Mediation can help, the traditional way of mediating usually results in solutions, after on average 8 sessions. SF Mediations also works, only faster. After two or even just one session, the conflict is fading away, making space for new partnerships and understanding.

A manager in conflict with his team

A resident manager working in the hospitality business was surprised to find out that several members of his team went to complain directly to his boss about his management style. His boss made it clear that he needed to change his behavior, or else … The manager – understandably – panicked. However, instead of sending out his resumé, we worked out an immediate action plan to redress this conflict.

A few weeks later the manager wrote to say: I am very surprised to see how the staff has changed since this ‘incident’. After two days of absence I received a genuinely warm ‘Welcome back’. I have changed as well, I work very differently now. Although we went through a very busy period, everything ran smoothly and our guests were pleased and expressed their satisfaction.

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