Positive Solutions for Lasting Change

Positive Leadership

Leaders take responsibility and make decisions on a daily basis that affect the entire organization. The business environment becomes more complex. Being an effective leader is not always easy: cultural differences, unclear understanding of what leadership is and changes in the old hierarchical mode to the relational model often make being an inspirational leader hard. Leaders are not born, but made. I believe that authentic leaders who use their own strengths will be more effective than others. Positive leaders enable employees to engage themselves, commit themselves and to develop themselves. I provide skills, techniques, and tools that create effective leaders who can influence and lead others. You’ll find my positive outlook and my belief in you inspiring.

A management team that needs to make the transition from managers with good technical skills to business leaders

The founder of a fast growing business with home-grown talent saw that his managers did not evolve to become real leaders. They stayed stuck in micromanagement and did not know how to lead, seriously threatening the growth of the company. We started with a leadership-team workshop, followed by individual coaching of a few members of the management team. A second team workshop completed the cycle.

A few weeks after the first workshop, one member of the management team reported: Now we realize and accept we need to change. The team leaders actively started new initiatives. We all feel more responsible. I come to work with a renewed confidence and a positive mindset. I believe that everyone can contribute something special to realize the future vision of our company. I am actively involved in leading one of these change initiatives we have identified as crucial.

After the second workshop with more attention for leadership skills and strengths, the same manager wrote me: The team leaders now understand better the need to closely work together towards a common goal. We have a better understanding of our strengths and we are maximizing these. Also the concepts you introduced to us about how to lead  are very useful. I am beginning to apply these concepts with my team. I am also more conscious of my priorities.

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