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Positive Organizational Change

The road of organizational change can be rocky and challenging. Change is inevitable but one of the biggest challenges leaders face is our natural resistance to change: black & white thinking, us-versus-them mentalities, silo behavior and unhealthy competition. Change might lead to fragmentation, fear or conflict but can actually also propel your teams and business forward with renewed energy, passion and strategy. Since I focus on the solution and the positive outcome rather than on the conflicts and problems, my interventions are faster than the more traditional management approaches.

Resolving silo behavior in a young company

After being in business for two years, the employees of this company had evolved – for different historical reasons – into two different teams who had not a lot in common, there was very little interaction with each other. Employees were also demotivated by the loss of some important clients and quick turnover off the staff, the confidence between top management and the employees was under pressure. After one day of coaching the atmosphere changed completely. The employees managed to come up with many ideas, contributing to a thriving and cohesive team. The employees created a committee that is still meeting and keeps on proposing and implementing ideas that help the team spirit growing. On their own initiative, they all bought a coffee machine together. Pleasantly surprised by this initiative, top management decided to offer the coffee. Team members became more aware of their role in growing the business and taking responsibility for their jobs. The team as well as the leaders reported back to me after a period of three months, all confirming the continuing positive change in behavior.

Just one quote from one of the team members summarizes the general feelings and feed back I received: I can now openly make conversation with others. They seem to be more comfortable with each other, disregarding which team they belong to. It’s now better to work in an environment knowing your boss cares or is willing to hear your suggestions. I want to thank you for triggering the change to make that happen.

Needless to say this message also made my day :-)


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