Positive Solutions for Lasting Change
68 - Version 2

Positive Team Performance

Motivated people will increase performance. Motivated people, united towards a common goal, will perform at their absolute best. In today’s dynamic and unstable work environment you need a new approach to the science of performance to increase revenues, improve customer service, ramp up productivity, or see a visible difference in the morale of your organization. Turn ‘good’ into ‘great’ by creating a positive company culture.

Demotivated employees get engaged

A worldwide employee survey showed declining figures in a particular region. Employees were disengaged even more than the previous survey showed. During a first session I facilitated a meeting with the management committee. Their views and ideas were incorporated into a next session with their managers. Everybody got involved: sales forces from the different countries, factory, marketing, supply chain,…  At the end of the full day session, concrete and workable projects were set up by each team, based on their own ideas. People felt not only heard but also realized that they were themselves capable of change. Everyone returned to their countries with high energy levels, a positive outlook on the future and a concrete plan for each team to work on.

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